We wish to thank all our donors

All of your contributions have made the difference!

Riebeeck East Community Upliftment Fund  R 37,000.00  
Donors Name Amount TOTAL still needed Date
Agneta Bentsen (Sweden) R 3180.00 R 33,820.00 12/08/2015
Shaun Parker (ZA) R1500.00 R32,320.00 20/08/2015
Dr. Steven Huysse (Belgium) R2500.00 R29,820.00 3/09/2015
Mrs Pat Pohl (ZA) R1000.00 R28,820.00 11/9/2015
Hanelie Malan (ZA) R350.00 R28,470.00 11/9/2015
Dr. Lieven Huysse (Belgium) R2903.12 R25,566.88 1/10/2015
Leen Santermans R1500.00 R24,066.88 1/11/2015
Drs. DeWaele-van Baveghem R750.00 R23,316.88 1/11/2015
VZW Signum (Belgium) R14,890.00 R8426.88 1/11/2015
Mus-Caestecker (Belgium) R1,440 R6986.88 1/11/2015
Delaruelle-Thienpont (Belgium) R322.00 R6664.88 1/11/2015
Mrs Ursula Kunz (Switzerland) R2000 R4664.88 1/17/2016
Mr Heinz Kohler (Switzerland) R2000 R2664.88 1/17/2016
Family Huysse (Switzerland) R1370 R1274.88 1/17/2016
Mr Adrien Verkerken (Belgium) R377 R897.88 1/17/2016