Housing Upliftment Project

January 23rd, 2016Posted by Neil Clark


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Community project has begun.

Hi all

Thanks to all the donors we have now finally started the community self help project. Although a little reluctant to work without renumeration in terms of money the volunteers soon had sense of pride in being able to help someone with just a little effort and time on their behalf. This installed a sense of community spirit seldom seen in such dismal and hopeless conditions. We will keep you posted!

  • We will be running the Riebeeck East Project through the IBHABHATHANE COMMUNITY CENTRE (the crèche which is an Non Profit Organsization) and has been running for past 5 years and if the project is successful will explore the possibility of establishing another NPO. In the meantime to kickoff the project of the two houses all donations can be made into the bank account of the IBHABHATHANE COMMUNITY CENTRE as follows:


    BRANCH CODE: 050917

    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 282626700



    NPO NO: 077808 PBO NO: 930037089 REFERENCE NO: REHP15 Please send confirmation of all donations to me at : cary@imaginet.co.za so that I can keep track of them as we will only start first house once we have the necessary funds in place to do so. All donations for the project will be much appreciated and all progress will be recorded on our website www.riebeeckeast.co.za and anyone wanting to find out more about what we are doing are welcome to contact me by email at cary@imaginet.co.za. All input and ideas also welcome. Keep well and thanks so much. Kind Regards Cary, Neil and the Riebeeck East Community .

    Should you consider being part of this project and want to show your support whether it be financial, your skills or joining us on FaceBook do not hesitate to contact us.

  • 28th August, 2015Email Cary Clark or cell: +27 74 618 8747